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Sage Stream is a live-stream, real-time, interactive music network for caregivers and older adults.

8 Live Concerts Per Month - 96 per Year. Shows Rebroadcast and are Included in an Archive.

Interact through chat and text with artists. Song requests, shout outs.

More Than 120 Global Artists in All Genres of Music Who Play with Major Artists at Iconic Venues.

live stream interactive music entertainment for older adults

Respite for the Caregiver!

A Shared Activity Too!

The Benefits of Music Therapy!

“Sage Stream allows me to have access to music that I enjoyed when I was younger. Listening to music allows me to remember things from my past and improves my outlook on life. I have several playlists on my computer but it is a hassle trying to maintain. Having Sage Stream makes it easier to access the music I want.”