We could tell you all about the awesome features of Mai Success Theme, but we thought it would be better to just show you.

Watch the following quick videos to get a taste of the power behind Mai Engine and how to customize your website.

(Note: Most of the below videos feature screen recordings from our Mai Sparkle demo, but you have the same power and functionality built into all of our WordPress themes.)

Customize Your Blog Archive

There are thousands of layout possibilities built right in. No code needed.

Single Post Settings

Easily switch on/off elements such as featured image, header meta, author box, and more. Drag and drop to reorder items on the page and view your changes in real-time.

Site Layouts

Switch your site layout (e.g. sidebar, wide, narrow, etc.) with one click settings right in the Customizer.

Menu & Logo Features

Change your logo and site title alignment with one click, and easily add a search icon.

Mai Divider

Create sections of content that pop in seconds with Mai Divider.

Love What You See?

Get the Mai Success WordPress theme now, and start your remarkable website. It’s perfect for all types of businesses including agencies, local businesses, coaching, and consulting. (Think this section is cool? It was created using the Mai Divider block.)