Affordable, Turn-Key, Real-Time, Interactive Live Streaming

Affordable, Turn-Key, Live Streaming Interactive Entertainment

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What It Is

Affordable, Easy to Implement, Impactful

Sage Stream is the only music focused, interactive, real-time live stream entertainment solution for older adults. We provide streaming entertainment to older adults in all settings therefore relieving social isolation, increasing social connections and improving cognition while impacting health and reducing health care costs. We have a world-wide roster of artists otherwise unavailable or unaffordable. Partnering with top university gerontology programs, we offer evidence-based and practice-based programming. Partnerships with youth and student groups allows us to develop intergenerational relationships and tech support that enhances the experience and quality of care. 

What They Say

Can It Replace Live Entertainment?

Ask one of our clients.

“When Anthony or any of the artists mentions a person by name, wishes him/her a happy birthday, or honors a song request, it has a profound impact.”

They are enjoying the programming! It has become a very good resource while they relax in the smaller rooms. Thanks so much for sharing with us. 

Alicia James, LMHC; Director of Adult Day Services, Wartburg Senior Living

Susan Magsamen, Executive Director, International Arts + Mind Lab, Pedersen Brain Science Institute, Johns Hopkins University - The Value of the Arts


Sage Stream has provided NAAP with live stream performances over the last year. Not to use the word amazing lightly, the shows featured a diverse lineup of talent, varied topics beyond and including music, and international artists.

All of the formal evaluations and anecdotal comments back to NAAP indicated that behaviors were positively impacted, and activity professionals were thankful for the great entertainment. I really appreciate Anthony and his content providers’ heart and desire to provide such quality programming. I encourage communities to consider Sage Stream as a complementary and essential part of their activity programs. Alisa Tagg, Association Director, National Association of Activity Professionals.

The Problems

Senior Living

live stream music for senior living

Give us an affordable, easy to implement entertainment option.

Seniors /Caregivers

live stream music for caregivers

Give me something where mom participates and I have a break.

Health Plans

live stream music for health plans

Give me a proven solution that can support overall wellbeing.

Home Health Care

live stream music for home care

Give us an affordable, shared entertainment option.

The Solution

Why Sage Stream?

live stream interactive music entertainment for older adults
live stream interactive music entertainment for older adults

What That Means For The Customer


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