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Live, Interactive Music Concerts Tailored for Caregivers, Older Adults and Senior Living Communities. Easy Setup. Budget Friendly. In Real Time.

What It Is and How It Works

For Caregivers and Older Loved Ones 

For Senior Living

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Affordable, Easy to Implement, Impactful

For family caregivers, senior living, adult day care, PACE programs, home care, health insurers, and employers deploying caregiver solutions. 

Sage Stream is the only live, interactive, real-time music video streaming solution for older adults. Designed to promote social interaction and participation,  our world-wide roster of artists are playing just for you, taking requests, doing shout-outs and recognizing milestones. 

There are eight live performances a month that also rebroadcast and are inventoried in the archive. Every show comes with a post-show discussion guide that fosters community, reminiscence, and assists you in constructing a playlist for your community and for individuals.

Provides family caregivers much needed respite and/or a shared activity with a loved one. But more than that, music has a way of penetrating, calming those who are anxious, agitated, and sundowning. That emotional support is so important for caregivers.

Senior living providers offering Sage Stream are providing health, mental and social benefits.

  • Assists in three of the seven dimensions of wellness – emotional, intellectual and spirtual stimulation. Music provides stress relief, relaxation, joy, improved mental health, the ability to spark memories as well as motivation and energy. 
  • Saves hours of planning time.
  • At a time when the cost of entertainers is skyrocketing, is budget-friendly.
  • Contributes to your net promoter score and is a sales and marketing tool.

Having Sage Stream in your back pocket is a go-to solution should an entertainer cancel, a health scare shut down operations, use in hard to fill slots like nights and weekends and during shift changes and reporting.

Four in five older adults view musical performances on TV or the internet. 

And don’t worry, we have licenses with all of the performing rights organizations that allow our artists to cover songs.

Check out some of our artists below and on the Artists page

Some Of Our Artists

Ben Mauro - Guitarist for Cher, Lionel Ritchie, more
Deanna Colon - "Jardiance Commercial", AGT Semifinalist
Andrea Miller - Sarah Vaughn Jazz Finalist, Toured with Al Jarreau
Acute Inflections - Shared the Stage with Jennifer Hudson and Keith Urban
Jaraneh Nova - Native American Musician with Music on Outlander
Johnny Blair - Played with Monkees; Praised by Brian Wilson
Duo Eunoia - Played with London Philharmonic
Stephanie Ball - Opera Singer Has Sang at Red Rocks Amphitheater
Denny Sarokin - Played with Rick Nelson and CSNY
Mike Kornrich - Played with Danny and the Juniors

What They Say

Can It Replace Live Entertainment?

Ask one of our clients.

“When Anthony or any of the artists mentions a person by name, wishes him/her a happy birthday, or honors a song request, it has a profound impact.”

They are enjoying the programming! It has become a very good resource while they relax in the smaller rooms. Alicia James, LMHC; Director of Adult Day Services, Wartburg Senior Living

Susan Magsamen, Executive Director, International Arts + Mind Lab, Pedersen Brain Science Institute, Johns Hopkins University - The Value of the Arts


Sage Stream has provided NAAP with live stream performances for several years. Not to use the word amazing lightly, the shows featured a diverse lineup of talent, varied topics beyond and including music, and international artists. All of the formal evaluations and anecdotal comments indicated that behaviors were positively impacted. I encourage communities to consider Sage Stream as a complementary and essential part of their activity programs. Alisa Tagg, Association Director, National Association of Activity Professionals.

“We piloted Sage Stream and our staff reported back that it was an affordable and valuable resource that residents looked forward to each week. In a tech and gadget-filled world, staff like the simplicity and ease of use of Sage Stream, which saves them hours of activity planning time. I personally like the idea of song requests as it harkens back to a time when you could call a radio station and make requests!” David J. Gentner, President and CEO, Wartburg Senior Communities

“Sage Stream allows me to have access to music that I enjoyed when I was younger. Listening to music allows me to remember things from my past and improves my outlook on life. I have several playlists on my computer but it is a hassle trying to maintain. Having Sage Stream makes it easier to access the music I want.”

“I love being able to schedule a musical performance in my 55+ Community Room, with many of my new friends and acquaintances joining in, and benefiting from, a quality musical performance!” 


The Problems

Senior Living

live stream music for senior living

Give us an affordable, easy to implement entertainment option.

Seniors /Caregivers

live stream music for caregivers

Give me something where mom participates and I have a break.

Health Plans

live stream music for health plans

Give me a proven solution that can support overall wellbeing.

Home Health Care

live stream music for home care

Give us an affordable, shared entertainment option.

The Solution

Why Sage Stream?

live stream interactive music entertainment for older adults
live stream interactive music entertainment for older adults

What That Means For The Customer

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Where Music Meets Connection, Enhancing Lives One Tune at a Time

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